Comparison of Web Hosting Services

From The System Administrator Zone

These are the vendors that we spotted in the first pass of our review, looking for a new provider as part of moving away from the dedicated Linux servers that we were getting from 1and1.

These prices were in effect in October 2007.

Comparison Table

Vendor Candidate? Plan Annual Fee Web Space Bandwidth No. Domains No. Subdomains No. Email Accounts No. IP Addresses Shell Access (SSH) No. MySQL DBs Setup Fee Website Manager
1-2-Wonder No COMMERCE EXTRA $359.40 300MB 3,072MB 5 150 none 65 Free cPanel
1and1 Yes Developer $239.88 300GB 3,000GB 200 600 4,000 1 SSL Cert Yes 100 ? Plesk No Pro $179.52 170GB 2000GB 2 Unlimited 3600 Yes 5 $35 ??
bluehost Yes Professional $83.40 300GB 3,000GB Unlimited Unlimited 2,500 $30/yr Yes 50 Free
GoDaddy No Premium $179.88 200GB 2,000GB Unlimited Unlimited 2,000 No 50 Free ??
HostDepot No Business $161.52 1GB 300GB 4 ?? 200 No ?? Free ??
HostMonster Yes Only One $71.40 300GB 3,000GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes 100 ?? cPanel
iPower No iPower Pro Plus $95.40 300GB 3000GB 6 none 2,500 no no 1 ? ? ?
IX Web Hosting Yes Business Plus $83.40 500GB 3,500GB unlimited? 300 5,000 8 Included No 100 Free? Unknown
Linux Web Host Yes LinuxEssentials $179.88 350MB 15,000 MB ?? 5 100 Yes 3 ?? ??
lunarpages Yes Basic Hosting Plan $83.40 350GB 3,500GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 0 No?? Unlimited Free Plesk
PowWeb Yes One Plan $93.24 300GB 3000GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited none No 75 Free unknown
StartLogic Yes ProLogic $71.40 300GB 3,000GB ?? ?? Unlimited No ?? $30 VDECK 2.0
SuperFly Yes TrueBusiness $167.40 300GB 2,000GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Unlimited Free cPanel10
Yahoo! No Professional $311.64 20GB 500GB 1 None 1,000 No No 1 Free Unknown


The basic decision for a deeper look is quite arbitrary. Basically; ~300G disk, ~3000G data and less than $300 per year.

We are split on the requirement for SSH access and really don't care about the number of centrally supported e-mail addresses.

ToDo: Need to look at support for HTTPS certificates.