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Startup Script Collection

# chkconfig: 2345 95 15
# description: FlexLM license manager
# This is to be run at from /etc/init.d

# Assumptions:
# $1 = start, stop, status or restart

The primary script is run during system startup.


Create a symbolic link to run this script during system startup.

/etc/init.d/flexlm -> /usr/local/flexlm/init.d/run_Script.sh


# functions.inc
# description: FlexLM license manager initialization script functions

# many thanks to Travis Howard for the inspiratin for these functions
# in his article ".profile" in the June 2003 issue of ;login:, page 8


This script is used to change the state of a single license daemon.


This script deals with all of the licenses that are standard flexlm licenses. Those with fancy daemons need their own scripts.


This script is used to change the state of the cadence license manager.


This script is used to change the state of the mathematica license manager.



Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (Cannot read data from license server 
(-16,287:22 "Invalid argument")) 12:30:18 (lmgrd) Vendor daemon died with status 39

The user's "file descriptor" limit is set too low.

bourne shell
ulimit -H -n 1000
csh shell
limit -h descriptors 1000

I normally set it to 1000, but others may recommend 1024. In the attached scripts, because we are running the process as another user, I envoke it as part of the command line.

su $LICMGR -c "ulimit -n 1000;                  \
   ${LMBIN}/lmgrd -c ${LICDIR}/$f.dat -l ${LOGDIR}/$f.log"