Kerberos Troubleshooting Notes

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Kerberos Notes

Unix: Dual Passwords

With the passwd command, setup a local password that differs from the one you use for the Kerberos login. That way, when you log into the system, you can then give either password to verify that the Kerberos access works.

Kerberos Commands

  • klist - list currently held Kerberos tickets
  • kinit - obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket
[jim@localhost ~jim]$ klist
klist: No credentials cache file found while setting cache flags(ticket cache /tmp/krb5cc_3021)
[jim@localhost ~jim]$ kinit
Password for jim@example.COM: 
[jim@localhost ~jim]$ klist
Ticket cache: /tmp/krb5cc_3021
Default principal: jim@example.COM

Valid starting                       Expires                       Service principal
Thu Mar 15 06:14:12 2007  Thu Mar 15 16:14:12 2007  krbtgt/example.COM@example.COM
        renew until Thu Mar 22 06:14:12 2007
[jim@localhost ~jim]$