Keyspan Mini Port Replicator

From The System Administrator Zone

Many modern desktop and laptop PCs no longer offer serial and parallel ports -- yet serial and parallel devices are commonly used in many industries. No ports?... No problem! This mini port replicator combines a USB serial adapter, USB parallel printer adapter and 2-port USB hub into one compact accessory.

I carry one of these in my laptop case to allow me to connect to serial ports on Cisco routers and Sun servers. Don't leave home without one.

UPR-112 Drivers

The current model, the UPR-112G, has completely new internals. Unfortunately, that means the drivers will not work with the older UPR-112 models, which is what I carry. They are currently available from the old Keyspan site, but it will probably be going away, so I'm capturing them and adding them here... for my own use.