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System Administration Magazines

BigAdmin Newsletter
Sun's BigAdmin newsletter keeps you informed of new information on the BigAdmin site, technical tips, and the latest Solaris news.
Sys Admin Magazine
Sys Admin magazine is focused on information for systems and network administrators whose duties include the administration of UNIX systems.
Windows IT Pro
Windows IT Pro magazine (originated as Windows NT Magazine)

Server Magazines

SQL Server Magazine
SQL server news and information

Computing Magazines

Dr. Dobb's Journal
Since 1976, Dr. Dobb's has led the computer press in covering practical technology. Unlike many magazines and web sites that focus exclusively on a single platform, language, or even a single development tool, Dr. Dobb's has 30 years of experience covering all languages, platforms, and tools.
Unix Review Magazine
Book reviews and articles with a technical focus.

Generic Magazines

Make Magazine
The first magazine devoted entirely to Do It Yourself technology projects