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 |title=MediaWiki Web Links and References
 |description=Pointers to MediaWiki information sources; Web Links, Extensions & Books

MediaWiki Related Web Links

MediaWiki MediaWiki Forum

MediaWiki Extensions

Amazon Extension RandomText Parser function extensions
CleanTalk Anti-Spam Google AdSense MediaWiki Reference Google AdSense Author's Page
Local Amazon Notes Local Adsense Notes Statcounter

MediaWiki Help References and Blog Entries

Mirroring the Help Files Setting User Rights
10 Best SEO Practices For MediaWiki Websites

MediaWiki Notes

A place to collect specific notes... MediaWiki Notes

Reference Books

These entries to Amazon only point to a single vendor. The books are normally available from multiple vendors at different prices. Look for the "See All Buying Options" link.

<amazon>1847196047</amazon> <amazon>1904811590</amazon> <amazon>1847195202</amazon> <amazon>0470126906</amazon> <amazon>020171499X</amazon> <amazon>3540259953</amazon> <amazon>0470043997</amazon> <amazon>0615720307</amazon>