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Postnuke 0.7.x has finally been been declared as completed and released. In the process, it was renamed Zikula.

Postnuke Notes

How can you reset your admin password using phpadmin?

  • Go to the mySQL DB in phpmyadmin and open the nuke_users table.
  • click 'browse'
  • pn_uid number should be the admin account - select that id and click 'edit' - make note of the name if it is not 'admin'.
  • copy the string in the pn_pass field and save it for temporary safe keeping.
  • Clear the password field.
  • goto your postnuke install and login using the admin name - leave the password field blank
  • You should have access to the admin account at this point, mmediately reset your password

Upgrading to 750RC3

  1. copy pntemp.php to $(webroot)/install/pntemp.php
  2. download the latest version of Xanthia/pnadminapi.php
  3. common.php under PNphpBB2_12a needs the following added:

// establish the database connection
list($dbconn) = pnDBGetConn();
$pntable = pnDBGetTables();

center block is appearing on all pages

open the master.html template found in themes/Your_Theme/templates and edit out the tag.

Content Express Printing Blank Pages

After upgrading to, Content Express starts printing blank pages.

You need to patch the modules/ContentExpress/pnclass/ContentExpress.php file and add the following function to the class:

function __toString() {
return "Need to define __toString() method to get some real content";

This solution came from


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