Scrivener Tips and Tricks

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Internal HTML Indexing

Scriverner supports the manual addition an internal TOC when you are using MultiMarkdown to HTML compilation.

This is based on the standard HTML references to subheading IDs.

Say you have the following subheading when you compile a draft copy of your document;

 <h4 id="agefriendlycitiesinsantaclaracounty">Age Friendly Cities in Santa Clara County</h4>

At the location in the source document, where you wish to have the internal link, add the following MMD reference;

[Age Friendly Cities in Santa Clara County](#Agefriendlycitiesinsantaclaracounty)

This would be converted to a proper internal reference;

<a href="#Agefriendlycitiesinsantaclaracounty">Age Friendly Cities in Santa Clara County</a>

Footnote with External Links

Scrivener also supports having footnotes with external links. They have two component parts.

At the location where you want the reference number, place a reference identification tag.


Then, at the location where you want the details to be available, place the footnote information.

[^ReadersDigest]: Reader’s Digest: [There’s Now More Evidence That Type 2 Diabetes 
Can Actually Be Reversed](
- Mar 22, 2017

At compile time, the reference tag will be replaced by the appropriate footnote number with an internal link to the details and the details will be listed with the same footnote number and ended with an internal link back to the original reference tag.