Social Network Profile Notes

From The System Administrator Zone

Profile Images as of 03/01/2016


  • Background Image: 851px Wide by 315px High
  • Profile Image: 180px x 180px


  • Background Image: 2120px Wide by 1192px
    • ideal size for the image you upload is 1080 x 608
  • Profile Image: 250px x 250px


  • It displays squares with 1080px sides
  • photos you upload should be at least 1080px on the shortest side
  • thumbnails are about 292px squares
  • popups are 600px on the longest side
  • profile 110x110


  • Background Image: 646px Wide by 220px High
  • Profile Image: 400px x 400px (10MB limit)


  • Video Player Banner: 1,206px Wide by 708px High
  • Profile Image: 400px x 400px (2MB limit)


  • Background Image: 1,500px Wide by 500px High (5MB limit)
  • Profile Image: 400px x 400px (3MB limit)


  • Background Image: 2560px Wide by 1440px High (4MB limit)
    • Anything smaller than 2048x1152 will be rejected
  • Channel Icon: 800px x 800px
    • Renders as 98px x 98px