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SourceForge Enterprise Edition (SFEE) is an integrated suite of Web-based development and collaboration tools that synchronizes distributed teams and disparate processes to simplify development. By centralizing management of users, projects, processes, and IP assets, SourceForge Enterprise Edition dramatically reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves project visibility.

Information Links

Collabnet - SourceForge Enterprise Edition
SFEE Webinar
SFEE Overview
Subversion/Authorization and Authentication


[[%ATTACHURL%/sfee_data_sheet.pdf][sfee_data_sheet.pdf]]: !SFEE Data Sheet
[[%ATTACHURL%/sfee_product_overview.pdf][sfee_product_overview.pdf]]: !SFEE Product Overview
[[%ATTACHURL%/SFEE_4_4_Install_Guide.pdf][SFEE_4_4_Install_Guide.pdf]]: !SFEE 4.4 Installation Guide
[[%ATTACHURL%/User_Guidesfee4_4.pdf][User_Guidesfee4_4.pdf]]: User Guide !SFEE 4.4

Downloaded Files

[[%ATTACHURL%/][]]: !SourceForge 4.4 VM Image Files