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How do I use a custom syntax file?

# create a directory for them
> mkdir -p ~/.vim/syntax
# copy the .vim files there...
> vim
:set syntax=mine <-- where mine is the name of the syntax file mine.vim

I want Vim to detect the type of file!

# during your vim session
:!mkdir ~/.vim/ftdetect
# create a one line file with an autodetect command

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.mine set filetype=mine
:w ~/.vim/ftdetect/mine.vim

Sort a section of the file

If you want to sort the lines of a section of the file, place a blank line at the end of the section you want to sort, then place your cursor at the beginning of that section.



The will feed everything from the place you typed the exclamation mark to the first blank line through the sort command.

Format a paragraph to 72 character lines

To format a paragraph, joining and filling lines to produce output lines of up to 72 characters in length, type;


Using Virtual Block

  • Ctr-v #Starts Virtual Block mode
    • Shift-i # Insert text before selected
    • "c" # Change selected
    • "d" # Deletes selected