Windows Notes (VMware)

From The System Administrator Zone

Installing VMware tools on a Windows based system

  • After the windows OS installation is done, boot the virtual client
  • From the VMware menu on the host system, select VM->Install VMware Tools...
  • In the Guest computer (virtual OS), the CD-Rom drive will load a disk image with the VMware tools
  • Run setup to install the VMware tools
    (Note You must have local administration permission on the Windows VM system to perform the installation)

Disable Windows Visual Effects

In Windows, there are common visual effects that are enabled by default. These visual effects simply cause a virtual machine to appear to run slower. This is because the visual effects take CPU/graphics resources to process. Disable these visual effects to get a slight performance increase. These visual effects settings can be found at Control Panel -> System -> Advanced Tab -> Performance -> Settings. Select Adjust for best performance and click OK.

Disable the Screen Saver

Given that your host operating system is responsible for protecting the screen, disabling the screen saver simply makes sense.

Right-click on the desktop and select Properties, followed by the Screen Saver tab. Under Screen Saver, select (None) and click on Apply followed by OK.