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This Antispam extension protects many of my systems, such as this MediaWiki site and our WordPress sites, against spam bots signups and edits. It's a client side application for cloud anti-spam service CleanTalk provides transparent antispam protection, with detailed statistics of all entering comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors.

To upgrade

  • Upload the new version archive to public_html/Uploads
  • ssh to system and extract new folder
    • add your access Key to the file Antispam/Antispam.php
    • $wgCTAccessKey = 'YOUR-KEY-HERE';
  • the following work is done in public_html/extensions
    • copy Antispam to Antispam-old
    • copy new version to Antispam
  • verify version update:

Enable Firewall

If you turn on the Spam Firewall, Spam bots will be blocked before they have access to your site, greatly reducing system load.

Open file "<MediaWiki-root-folder>/extensions/Antispam/Antispam.php"

Find the parameter: "$wgCTSFW = false" and change false to true.