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If we set up a system that is optimized for surveillance, this government may not and probably won't use it. But then another government comes to power, one that sees the potential to use their 'keys' to destroy their opponents. It could be the last government we ever elect.
Phil Zimmerman

Welcome to the mini System Administrator's Zone is an Wiki based FAQ. This started out as a collection of little tricks that I picked up over the years and wanted to stash in a place where they would be easy to find. The originals were simply a lot of little tidbits that we never could quite remember, but that we need to use every once in a while.

Since then, it has become a stash a copy of anything I need to track down. Especially those things that Google didn't just hand over. I like the fact that I can cut/paste some original text and then begin to modify and update it into something I can actually use at work and at home.

By the way, if you see something wrong, it wouldn't bother me a bit if you corrected it. ;)

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