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(1.75 mm PLA Filament)
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=== Amazon Links ===
=== Amazon Filament Links ===
<amazon>B00J0ECR5I</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GMMP6</amazon>
<amazon>B00J0ECR5I</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GMMP6</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GPC80</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GO8I0</amazon>

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3D Printing Tools and Supplies

Printer Filaments come on different size spools. If the hole in the spool doesn't match the spindle on the support unit, interesting things will happen.

These notes are in reference to our M3D Printer using a HATCHBOX Tabletop / Wall Mount external spool holder, that has a spindle diameter of 25mm.


1.75 mm PLA Filament

3D PLA Filament 1.75mm 1KG Spool

Manufacturer Color Spool Outer Diameter Spool Hole Diameter Adapter Template
Hatchbox Black 200 mm 56 mm
Hatchbox Blue 195 mm 58 mm
Hatchbox White 200 mm 55 mm
Shaxon Red 195 mm 58 mm Spool Hub Adapter - 56-26

Amazon Filament Links

<amazon>B00J0ECR5I</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GMMP6</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GPC80</amazon> <amazon>B00J0GO8I0</amazon>